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I work with women who struggle with emotional eating gain control of their stress response so they can achieve a strong, healthy relationship with food and ultimately themselves.

Have you ever said to yourself?

  • I am an emotional/stress eater.

  • I need to stop.

  • I am going to stop right now.

  • If only I had more discipline and willpower I could do it.

  • S**t that didn’t work. 

  • I can’t do it.

  • "Rewarded" yourself for a bad day.


Your confidence starts to take a hit and the negative self-talk starts to creep in. 

The goal and determination are there but the system to support it may not be there.

If this is you, I can help you to build the toolkit (system) to manage your stress response and overcome your emotional eating patterns.


I have thought  all of those things plus some. More than once in my life. That is until I had my daughters and knew that I didn't want to see those same patterns in them. I developed a passion to find the right tools, systems, habits, and mindset to not only conquer my own emotional eating but to build the strong, healthy life I knew that I deserve. Not just for me but for my girls too. 


Because I have been there and I believe in full transparency I still am at times, I am uniquely qualified to help you to do the same thing in your own life. With a proven framework to build the foundation and then construct the system that will work for you. So that you can build the strong, healthy life that you truly deserve!


"Since I started working with Erin a couple months ago, I have not only increased my workout consistency and healthy eating habits, but have lost 6+ inches in my waist and hips and I'm down 12 pounds"


"It was a pleasure working on the same coaching team with Erin. She was always there to lend a helping hand and provide honest feedback when needed. Her passion for helping others shined bright while coaching as well as interacting with fellow coaches. She's smart, dedicated, and determined to help others reach their goals. She really cares about what she does and it's so evident in her work."


"I have had the pleasure of working with Erin for the last couple of years and her dedication, commitment and most of all care for her clients is unmatched to anyone. The breadth of her knowledge from both personal experience and a desire to gain answers for herself and her clients is compared to very few. You always feel she is on your side and her vision for you oftentimes is better than what you could imagine for yourself."


"Erin brings a special level of professionalism and pure client acceptance to every coaching relationship. You can feel just how much she cares within every session. It's this passion that allows her to sit with a client in their unique situation, learn about their experience from a place of empathy, and then reveal these empowering pathways of change for a client. It's client-centered, and also perspective-challenging. She's not afraid to dig deeper and say what you need to hear- not just what you want to hear. That's what makes her such a great coach."



This is an 8-Week program that is directly designed to help you build the system that is going to support the end of your emotional eating patterns!

Health Coaching Session Packages

We work together to remove the habits that no longer serve you and build new, healthy ones that do!

 Personal Training

Sometimes it is hard to get to the gym or keep ourselves motivated. I get it! I offer In-home or Vitrual Personal Training to help you achieve your goals!

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For women only- A community of women that want to take control of their health on their terms.


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