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How I realized that by doing too much I was doing too little!

Because I am doing too much I am doing too little!!

I know that sounds really strange. It doesn’t even make sense.

So let me explain.

I am ambitious. It is one of the traits I love most about myself however, I can sometimes be too ambitious. Which can also be a weakness. (also makes an awesome answer to an interview question. Just saying)

Here is what is going on in my life:

  • Part-time job (working 12 hours a week)

  • Building a Business

  • 2 FB Groups

  • Building a workshop

  • Clients for 1:1 coaching

  • A driving passion to build a podcast based on my other FB Group (DM me if you want details)

  • Plus a couple of little things I have been working on here and there.

That is just for work!

I am not giving my all to each of those things. I am only giving part of myself. When I am doing one I am thinking of the other.

Too much for me is doing too little. I am doing too little in each of these areas.

How can I learn from this realization?

What changes can I make to this “too muchness” to really dial in and focus on what I want?

What will benefit me the most as well as those I want to help?

It’s inventory time. Reflection time!

I took a piece of paper out and broke it down to each of those topics on that paper I wrote down:

❓ What am I aiming to achieve with this project?

❓ How does this serve me?

❓ How does this serve me and my ideal clients?

❓ Am I passionate about this?

❓ If I close my eyes, where do I envision this in 3 months, 6 months, or a year?

After this reflection and breakdown, it is now time to determine where I can cut back. What is my priority? How I can block it into my schedule to stay committed to what’s important for me.

It is all about building a solid plan. It is about learning what is best for me and setting that boundary.

Yes, I am setting a boundary with me FOR me.

This is necessary at times. The same goes for self-care. That is a boundary that you need to set with yourself FOR yourself.

I didn’t make that realization until I started writing this but dammmmnnn that’s powerful.

Oh, I am good!

I am tooting my own horn for a couple of different reasons.

  1. I deserve it. You don’t have to agree but I think I do so that’s what matters.

  2. I recognized that my path of ambition was slowing me down and I needed to prioritize.

  3. I learned that boundaries aren’t just for other people. They are for ourselves too.

  4. Because I am a badass and I know it.

There is no shame in my TOOT TOOT! 📯📯 There shouldn’t be in yours either!

Here are some reflections/journal prompts for you to think on:

What do you have going on in your life?

Are you taking on too much that you are doing too little?

What is your priority?

Where can you cut back?

What boundaries do you need to set with yourself FOR yourself?

How can you implement those boundaries into your schedule?

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