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Oh, The Things We Say to Ourselves When We Eat Our Emotions

“I don’t want to think about anything right now. I am just going to eat.”

That is what I used to say to myself when I choose to eat out of emotions.

When I had a rough day full of some shit emotions/situations. It used to always be followed up with:

“F it. I will just start again tomorrow.”


“I give zero fucks about anything right now.”

I would give myself the validation to eat whatever the hell I wanted to in those moments because I didn’t want to think about anything or feel anything in those moments.

But you know what followed those moments?

I bet you do!

If you guessed rainbows and butterflies and all my problems disappeared. I automatically felt happy and joy then my good friend, you are WRONG! You may see yourself out now because wow, what planet do you live on?

If you guessed that it was more negative emotions on top of the already negative emotions I was having, then you are a winner. I knew I liked you. You are smart.

In comes that negative self-talk. This is what mine sounded like for years:

“Ugh… I am such a fat pig.”

“Why did I do that? AGAIN!”

“No one is going to love you looking like this.”

“He is going to leave your fat ass.”

“Gross. You are so gross.”

Raise your hand if you are still with me? That this has been you too at some point or another?

(I can’t see you but I trust that you are being honest with me and yourself. Put your hand down now.)

Maybe the food did its job? I am no longer thinking about those original negative emotions you know until tomorrow when this vicious cycle starts all over again since I didn’t address those original emotions.

Now, I am thinking about all those awful emotions. I told my brain all these horrible things about myself so now when I have to face those original emotions my brain is like “Yeah, girl, you suck. Here is some more evidence of it. I got tons for you. WATCH OUT NOW.”

Welcome to the spiral or as I call it the tornado. 🌪🌪🌪

A bad day turns into a bad week and then a bad month. Leaving negativity all over its path.

It’s hard and it sucks but yet we still do it!

I have heard about this tornado (most often called a spiral) so many times.

I have said this so many times.

But the good news about this particular tornado is that it is within your control to change it. Taking away its power so it’s nothing but the wind. A passing emotion.

Read How can you change your thought pattern from negative to positive using the same FRAMEWORK?

Does that mean it’s going to be easy? Nope sure doesn’t.

But it will be worth it! Trust me. Once I got a hold of it for myself I have been able to maintain my health goals going on 3 years now and counting.

It has made a difference in my life. Identifying my emotions, sitting with them, and then really thinking to myself what do I NEED right meow? What will help me to move forward with this feeling?

I can help you to do the same! I am not a counselor, therapist, or psychologist. What I am is a health coach that helps you to find the tools that are unique for you in order to identify emotions and work together to build a better stress response so that you can achieve food freedom.

The bonuses that can come with that freedom:




⭐Weight Loss

⭐Better Health

Note: these are not guarantees but some awesome “side effects” that I have seen through working with my clients. You get out of it what you put in.

Remember this is not a quick fix but a process, a lifestyle shift.

Book a free call today!

Oh, and I almost forgot: You got this!

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