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My Top 9 Favorite Inspirational Resources!

I am always learning and looking to be inspired, moved, and empowered. I would love to say that I do it all on my own but I don’t.

I am only human and we all have those days where you need a little extra boost.

I am going to share some nuggets that have helped me along the way over years and continue to do so every day.

Here are a few of my favorite things (Insert Sound of Music vocals):

** This is not a sponsored blog post just showing some fan love! **


1. EmpowerHER with Kacia Fitzgerald

These episodes are typically about 15-30 minutes long! She has such incredible and positive energy. She talks to you as a real person, as if you are friends sitting down and sharing a drink (Spicy Margarita 😉). This is the podcast I listen to when I need that pick me up.

She helps me to understand who I am as a woman, business owner, coach, and so much more. She has helped me in many ways with her energy and amazing tidbits of knowledge.

This has been my favorite episode so far: For when you’re just having an OFF day & you can’t shake it (28:20)

2. American Glutton with Ethan Suplee

These are longer episodes, about 1-1.5 hours. Good for longer car rides or runs! One of my favorite podcasts to run to. Because if he can do what he did and stay committed then I can crush my run.

You and I both know him from Remember the Titans or “Beer Pong” from The Ranch but what you might not know is he has lost over 1,000 pounds in his life. He has tried every diet under the sun plus some and through it, all has changed his life and mine. He takes his knowledge and shares it with the world through these podcasts. He shares what he has learned about himself, and his insights, and is open to hearing how others achieve their best health.

He has guests from medical professionals, to trainers, to actors, and so on. All of them have their own experience with health and fitness. He is always open and honest. He is one of my greatest inspirations. He liked an Instagram post of mine a couple of years ago, not going to lie SUPER FANGIRLED!

This is my favorite episode so far and I use the “Kill my Clone” concept DAILY: Tom Kier, Tactical Training (55:02)

3. Earn Your Happy with Lori Harder

There are 3 different podcast formats within her episodes. Each has incredible information and knowledge. The length of the podcasts ranges from about 15 minutes to an hour plus depending on what the topic/format is.

I first heard about Lori and this podcast from EmpowerHER. There was an interview that was played on both podcasts between the two incredible, powerhouse women. They both fought hard for what they wanted and are still adapting as their dreams/goals continue to evolve.

Inspirational is just one word I would use to describe this podcast.

This is the episode that introduced me to Lori and the Earn Your Happy Podcast:

Podcaster & Entrepreneur Kacia Fitzgerald On Her Theory About Going from Good to Great, How To Compartmentalize Your Emotions When Running A Business, And Why Discomfort Means “Take Action” (52:00)


1. @jayshetty

I first heard of Jay Shetty when someone recommended his book Think Like a Monk. I haven’t read the book yet. It is on my TBR list. However, I started following him on Instagram and I am glad I did. He posts empowering quotes and inspirational and feel-good videos. In some of the quotes he has posted I have yelled out loud “Say it louder for those in the back”! Some of the videos have made me cry and help me to really take inventory of the beauty that is life.

2. @melrobbins

Mel Robbins is a remarkable woman! I have read The 5 Second Rule and am currently reading her new book as well but I love, love, love her social media content. She is undeniably her. Authentic, honest, and open. It’s incredible. She has shared her darkest moments, how she has pulled herself out of them, and her brightest moments. She is the friend you didn’t know you needed because all she speaks is the truth!

3. @sweatpantsandcoffee

This is a wonderful quick look on Instagram. It tells you the beauty of coffee with humor and truth. Oh, it’s so amazing. If you love coffee like me and also would live in sweatpants (ok, yoga pants) then this is the perfect Instagram for you!


1. You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

I have read this book 3 times. Each time I get a fresh perspective and it’s amazing. There are other books in this series. All on personal growth. It has changed my perspective and has given me some good laughs.

Amazing quotes and advice. But my favorite by far is in the title. You are a Badass.

This book helped me to believe it. This is one of the highest compliments that I can hear in my opinion so why not tell myself this every day.

I AM A BADASS! You are too.

2. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Brene Brown, wow, there is so much I could say about this powerhouse of a woman. She is so beyond vulnerable and shares it all in her books. Not just her research but her humor and personal experiences. She has helped me to feel not so alone at times.

One thing that truly stood out to me in this book is the understanding that perfection is unattainable. It has changed my perspective on my personal perfectionism that I can now say I am a recovering perfectionist because I am still a work in progress.

Progress is what helps to keep us going and to push forward. And no matter what I am enough.

No matter how little or how much I get done.

I AM ENOUGH. You are too.

3. The Feel Good Effect by Robyn Conley Downs

This is the most recent book I read. Re-reading many parts because the magic is powerful in this book. She breaks the concepts down into bite-size pieces that are relatable and easy to apply. Gave me ideas on how to apply self-compassion and self-kindness in my life.

So many incredible tactics that I use in my own coaching practice. As described “radically simple and ridiculously doable”. I learned that I need to stop striving and really start living more with ease.


What are your favorite things?

What inspires you?

** This is not a sponsored blog post just showing some fan love! **

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